About NaRu Coaching

When people read the Book of Ruth in the Bible, they often fixate on the story of Ruth and Boaz.  They encourage single women to wait on their Boaz, the man who will swoop in and change their situation in life.  It’s a great story, but an even greater story within those lines is that of Naomi and Ruth.  Two women left alone in the world who determine to hold on to each other and move from lack into abundance.  Their fates are intertwined.

In the story, Ruth uses her youthful strength to keep them fed and Naomi uses her wisdom to move them forward.  Naomi accepts Ruth’s help and Ruth accepts Naomi’s instruction.  What a beautiful story of mutual love and respect between women! What could we accomplish in life if we learned from these two beautiful souls? Every day we are bombarded with images of women competing against each other.  What if, instead, we linked arms and exchanged gifts to help each other succeed? NaRu Coaching is centered around the belief that we were created to pour into each other so that we all move forward better.

Working with NaRu Coaching will take you on a journey to discover what gifts are tucked away inside you, what dreams are hidden in your heart, and how you can live a life designed by you. We do that by linking arms with you and helping you find the answers to create a unique vision for your life, devise an action plan, and equip you with the tools to move you forward.  As in the case with Namoi and Ruth, it will require acceptance and willingness on your part.

About Jenita Lawal

Jenita is a mother of three awesomely intelligent, handsome, creative young men.  She is also a daughter, sister, friend, and mentor.  Her own journey has given her a heart for and insight into the lives of those searching for fulfillment and purpose.  Life for Jenita has been a series of wondrous mountaintop moments, dark valleys, treacherous cliffs, huge leaps of faith and bends in the road.  Some of the bends in the road have included unemployment, living with friends when “between homes,” changing careers, navigating the corporate world, dating, learning how to set boundaries, making the jump from a conventional job to entrepreneurship, and living abroad in another country.

Jenita’s natural curiosity, intuition and love for people drive her transformational approach to coaching.   With powerful questioning and impactful action planning, she will help you move your dreams into reality.  With clarity, the right goals, and massive action you will move from merely surviving to thriving.