Be Inspired

Often, I am insipired by the world around me. That includes places, quotes, books, people, and various products. This page is dedicated to the various things that inspire me. I hope that there is something here that resonates with you.

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Die Empty by Todd Henry:

I read this book back in 2014 and it started me on a journey to taking massive action. The year I read this book was when I began to truly tap into myself to uncover my unique gifts, abilities, and desires. One of the quotes that have stayed with me is “Do not wait for permission to engage.” I used to have that quote taped to the monitor at my desk.

Lynchpin by Seth Godin:

Who knew that planning trips and organizing paperwork chaos could be art? That’s exactly how I felt after reading Lynchpin. Reading this book made me view and approach my work with appreciation for my own skill and how it added value for others.

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

This book was mindblowing and challenged my dependence on the overarching narrative I believed. It’s amazing that this book was written back in the 1930s but is so applicable for today. After reading Outwitting the Devil, it was like being in The Matrix. I started to see the underlying intent in various system and question it. My inquiry into homeschool and other schooling alternatives was sparked after reading this book.

This moment of blissful joy took place in Jamaica in 2016. That moment, looking out over Montego Bay I felt absolutely blessed, honored, and humbled that I got to experience such beauty. It wasn’t just the beauty, but the richness and vitality of the land and its people.